About US

Friofood S.A. is a company dedicated to the import, production, distribution and marketing of frozen and refrigerated food products. We possess a deep market knowledge and efficient logistics services. …

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We have international industry-leading suppliers of foods that meet the highest quality standards. We seek worldwide to distribute locally. Our products include beef, poultry, pork products, process foods and process frozen vegetables, milk, chips, etc. We focus on one goal, maintaining and distributing high quality products to our customers.

Our Mission

The purpose of Friofood is to efficiently distribute products to our customers with the highest quality standards being environmentally sustainable and constant concern with our employees and the community.

Our View

To be an important well-recognized company in the food sector, focused on trust with customers, service efficiency and product quality, to establish itself nationally and conquer new markets.

Our Values

• Innovation •
• Customer focus •

• Environmental Care • Quality • Passion for what we do •